Eco Power

While efficiency should be the first step in sustainable design, the source of power is equally important.  Power produced in NJ is typically from natural gas, nuclear, and to a lesser extent oil and coal.  With the exception of nuclear, all of these forms of energy produce many products of emissions including carbon dioxide, a heat trapping greenhouse gas.

The best current solution to avoiding power plant emissions is to produce our own clean power.  For our buildings we employed a total of 5 solar arrays, making building 71 a Net Zero building.  For our tenants who use enough power to make installation of an array feasible, we offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).  Klabin Eco builds, owns, and maintains these arrays and sells the power at a discount to the tenant.

Arrays include:

Array 1: 22.3 kW DC with Trina® panels

Array 2: 35 kW DC with Sunpower® panels

Array 3: 3 kW DC with Suntech® panels

Array 4: 7 kW DC with Suntech® panels

Array 5: 22 kW DC with Suntech® panels

Total production is predicted at 107,000 kWh annually.  Equivalent to offsetting 80,239 lbs of coal, 8,453 gallons of gas, or growing 71 acres of forest.