Materials and Efficiency

Building anything starts with material selection.  Our materials and mechanical equipment are selected first for efficient performance.  Our rooftop HVAC packages all meet or exceed Energy Star® standards.  We use programmable thermostats to avoid unnecessary interior conditioning.  Windows are selected for thermal efficiency and also dark tinting to improve occupant comfort.

Interior materials also need to be safe and ensure the health of the occupants.  Strategies include selecting zero-VOC materials (materials that do not readily off-gas) and materials that do not trap pollutants in the interior space.  This may include coatings on concrete floors, wood floors rather than carpet, and keeping ceilings open to roof decks to avoid dust-trapping surfaces like dropped ceilings. When possible we source FSC® certified wood products and products that contain recycled components, and can later be recycled (cradle to cradle).

On the exterior, roofs are covered with highly reflective TPO membranes to reduce heat gain.  Landscaping is low maintenance and requires no watering, and lawns are kept to a minimum and pesticide-free.